WaterGuru Dry Chlorinator Granular - 14x 1lb Bags

Increases the Free Chlorine (FC) level in swimming pool water.

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What it does:

WaterGuru Dry Chlorinator Granular is calcium hypochlorite chlorine that increases the Free Chlorine (FC) level in swimming pool water. It is intended to be used in a WaterGuru TREAT system to maintain the pool's chlorine level. This chlorine comes in a fast dissolving granular form.  It destroys organic waste, controls algae, and kills bacteria.  These contaminants can clog the filter, cause scum lines, and affect swimmer comfort.

WaterGuru Dry Chlorinator Granular should only be used in chlorine pools including those with saltwater chlorine generators.

How much you need:

The WaterGuru TREAT system will automatically dose the needed amount of WaterGuru Dry Chlorinator Granular to maintain the chlorine level. 

How to add it:

Follow the instructions for adding Dry Chlorinator Granular to your WaterGuru TREAT system.  

What it is:

68% Calcium hypoclorite,  32% Other ingredients

[ 65% Minimum available chlorine ]

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