WaterGuru SENSE Adapter Ring


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We build our WaterGuru SENSE monitors to fit most 8" circular pool skimmers. However, we understand not all pools are designed the same way. If your pool comes with a skimmer that is larger or smaller than your WaterGuru SENSE monitor, there is an easy solution! We have created our adapter ring to adjust to any skimmer and enable you to reap the benefits of having our WaterGuru SENSE installed. This adapter ring has an easy setup — all you have to do is place it in your skimmer, and you're ready to go.

Keeping your pool clean doesn't have to be challenging or even a hassle. With our adapter ring for WaterGuru SENSE, you will finally have what you need to keep your pool clean and clear for you and your family to enjoy. You will get real-time updates about your pool's water chemistry and pH levels and receive instructions to properly maintain it. This intelligent pool monitor works directly in your skimmer, giving you a more accurate and convenient water reading. 

It's time to take your pool cleaning up a notch. Purchase our WaterGuru SENSE Adapter Ring and provide a sturdy, seamless fit for your SENSE monitor. Get yours today! 

  • Easy setup
  • This ring can be used to adapt to skimmers that have a size other than 8″ diameter
  • It can adapt to smaller or larger skimmer sizes and make the WaterGuru sit evenly on your skimmer
  • SENSE product sold separately