WaterGuru SENSE


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1-year Limited Warranty

What’s in the Box
  • WaterGuru SENSE
  • TEST (free analysis of your pool water)
  • Smart Cassette
  • 4 “C” Batteries
  • Mesh Bag
  • Quick Start Guide
WaterGuru SENSE Kit
  • Achieve a safer pool with state of the art technology
  • Simplify your pool care forever with automated monitoring and expert advice
  • No subscription fees
  • No hassle
  • Sends Free Chlorine, pH, temperature and flow to the mobile app 24/7
  • Sends data for customized pool treatment advice
  • Provides confidence that your pool water is safe and clean
  • Works with chlorine and salt pools 
  • Installs in minutes
  • Works with both round and square skimmers 8-10″ in size
  • The WaterGuru SENSE is for Pools and is not designed for outdoor Spas or Hot Tubs

Enjoying your backyard pool should be a stress-free experience. Creating a healthy chemical balance can be tricky for new pool owners as well as those that have had their installation for years. Finally, the right digital pool tester is available to you from WaterGuru.

WaterGuru SENSE is a smart pool monitor and pool water analyzer that fits directly inside your skimmer. Simplify your pool care routine with a compact device that analyzes and communicates chlorine, pH levels and other key information in real time. Our battery-powered technology is compatible with virtually any 8 to 10-inch pool skimmer, and it keeps track of water chemistry so you don’t have to.

Convenient Pool Water Testing

WaterGuru SENSE pairs with your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android software. Pairing SENSE with the WaterGuru app makes it possible for you to get step-by-step instructions on how to care for your pool. Other smart pool care products on the market float across the surface of the water, giving you an inaccurate representation of water chemistry, including your ph levels. WaterGuru SENSE submerges near your water pump and provides a precise reading using replaceable chemistry pads.

The days of troubleshooting water levels after a storm or trip away from home are over. Using WaterGuru SENSE is the best way to keep your pool looking crystal clear. Simply power the pool care device when your pump is running to learn more about water temperature, flow rates, pH and chlorine for fewer trips to the local pool shop.

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Our WaterGuru SENSE smart pool monitor is backed by a one-year warranty. It’s time to organize an effective smart pool care treatment plan without all the hidden fees. Get perfectly balanced water levels 24/7 by browsing our supplies online and placing your order for WaterGuru SENSE today.