How do I change the batteries for SENSE Gen 2?

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Gen 2 Battery Replacement

  1. The Battery compartment is located within the inner section of the WaterGuru SENSE skimmer cover.
  2. Remove SENSE from your skimmer.
  3. Wipe away all the moisture with a cloth. It’s important to keep moisture out of the battery compartment to avoid corrosion.
  4. Place the unit on a dry towel on a flat surface, logo side up, and firmly press down on the outer ring (see the video above).
  5. The outer ring will disengage from the inner part of the unit, revealing the waterproof battery compartment.
  6. Place the inner part logo side down. Remove the old batteries. Safely dispose of the batteries.
  7. Insert 4 new C size batteries from recommended brand.
  8. Reconnect the inner part with the outer part. Press together firmly to ensure both sections are fully connected.
  9. Ensure that the tether cable is not sandwiched between the two parts, you can do that by pulling the cable through to bring the two parts together.
  10. The batteries are secured when the two parts are engaged. (The small gap between the two parts is a design feature and not a defect.)
  11. The top LED light will flash indicating that unit has turned on.
  12. Place the lower Cassette / Sensor unit (inside the mesh bag) back in the skimmer with the SENSE cover on top of the skimmer.

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