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Your pool is likely one of the standout features of your property, but it requires adequate upkeep to remain clear and sanitary. When you use the right pool care supplies to ensure proper maintenance, you’ll know that it’s always safe to dive right in.

WaterGuru has the swimming pool supplies you need to keep your pool pure and sparkling. We’re known for our state-of-the-art pool care monitoring technology that allows users to keep tabs on water quality in real time with superior accuracy. No matter what products you purchase with us, you can feel confident that your pool will be the cleanest it’s ever been.

Signs That Your Pool Needs to Be Cleaned

It’s important that your pool stay clean and free of harmful contaminants that can impact water quality. Fortunately, even if your pool does develop poor water quality, you can restore it to its proper state with the right pool care supplies. If you don’t have a pool care monitor, there are a few common signs you can look for to know when it’s time to purchase cleaning products for disinfecting and balancing your pool:

  • Cloudiness
  • Algae
  • Staining and scaling
  • Increased chlorine demand
  • Insect buildup
  • Discolored water
  • Bubbles or foam

These elements indicate that your pool water is chemically imbalanced in some way and requires attention.

Benefits of Using Swimming Pool Supplies

Though most pool owners understand that they should keep their pools clean, not everyone knows the functional benefits of doing so. Using pool care products to sanitize your pool yields many positive results, including:

  • Visual appeal: Well-maintained pools improve the appearance of your property with clear, inviting water.
  • Safer swimming: When you remove harmful bacteria and germs from your pool, you prevent swimmers from getting sick.
  • Long-lasting equipment: Regular pool care will protect your filters and other pool equipment from corrosion.
  • Extended pool life: With the proper maintenance, your pool will hold up longer and maintain its appearance over the years.

Trust WaterGuru Pool Supplies for Your Maintenance Needs

Shop at to equip yourself with all the pool care products you need to keep your water fresh and clean. Paired with our SENSE monitoring system, our high-quality pool balancing products are the key to eliminating unwanted bacteria, excess acidity and other harmful conditions in your pool. WaterGuru pool supplies cover a wide range of maintenance needs, including:

  • Stabilizing pH levels.
  • Increasing alkalinity.
  • Controlling algae buildup.
  • Removing phosphate.
  • Increasing free chlorine.
  • Improving calcium hardness.
  • Maximizing chlorine efficiency.

Order a Pool Care Monitor at WaterGuru Today

You can keep your pool clean and safe for swimming when you purchase pool supplies from WaterGuru. We set the standard for pool care with our hassle-free monitoring technology, helping users identify when their pools need maintenance. Our SENSE SmartKits detect chemical imbalances more accurately than standard detection products, generating the best results every time.

 If you have questions about our supplies, contact us for extra support today!