What does TREAT do?

WaterGuru TREAT measures free chlorine (FC) and pH of the pool water sampled from the skimmer. TREAT will then dose chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) and pH down (muriatic acid) in your skimmer to maintain the pool balance.

What does TREAT measure and balance?

TREAT measures and balances free chlorine (FC) and pH of the pool water. We periodically establish the baseline of your pool water through our TEST program. Click here for more details.

Does TREAT measure salt levels, alkalinity, CYA etc.?

We periodically establish the baseline of your pool water through our TEST program by measuring 8 parameters that do not change daily. Click here for more details. TREAT measures free chlorine (FC) and pH daily since these parameters can change in a short time.

Do I get a discount for being a loyal SENSE customer?

We appreciate you being a loyal customer. There will be a special offer for early adopters to upgrade from SENSE to TREAT

Does TREAT work in Salt water chlorine generator (SWCG) pools?

Absolutely! TREAT measures pH everyday and doses pH down as needed to maintain the balance in your pool. TREAT also doses chlorine to maintain the chlorine levels in your pool. This can work in conjunction with you SWCG to ‘top off’ the chlorine demand, be a backup for chlorine dosing if your SWCG fails, or can help with lessening the use of the SWCG to increase it’s life.

Can I remove TREAT for pool events?

Yes, see the procedure below.

What’s the procedure for shutting TREAT off when storing for pool events, or for the winter season? (This Feature - Via Cloud or BLE needs to be developed in the App integration)

  • Tap the “Storing” button in the WaterGuru app at least 1 hour prior to the event.
  • Within 1 hour, the unit will retrieve the remaining chemicals from the acid tube, and firmly close the pincher.
  • Once the “Ready” signal is received from the WaterGuru app, the unit is safe to be removed and stored away.
  • Automated measurement and chemical dispensing functions are disabled.
  • When it's time to put TREAT back to work, simply place the unit back on the skimmer and tap the “Back on stage” button, the unit will be ready within one hour, ready for pool treatment.

Is TREAT safe with my kids playing around it?

Yes, TREAT remains locked at all times and can only be opened using the WaterGuru app.

What happens if TREAT gets accidentally knocked over?

TREAT does not leak any chemicals from the reservoir when tipped over. Small amounts of pH down or chlorinator can come out. If spilled on the deck please wash if away otherwise the spills can cause damage.

How often do I need to replenish chemicals?

For a typical pool, the TREAT holds enough chemicals for 3 weeks. Depending on the size and usage of the pool, you may need to fill more or less often.

Does TREAT measure automatically?

TREAT is scheduled to measure automatically once a day prior to dosing and add chemicals if needed.

How often does TREAT measure my pool conditions?

TREAT will measure the free chlorine and pH once a day. You can measure more often by triggering a manual measurement from the WaterGuru App.

When does TREAT perform measurements?

Treat automatically detects the pump schedule within a day after installing and sets a measurement time when the pump is on. You can override the measurement time through the Settings menu in the App, please ensure that the pump is running during measurement and will continue to be running for at least 2 hours to allow sufficient time for dosing if needed.

After initial installation, how long does it take for TREAT to balance my pool water?

It takes a full 24-hour period to determine the pump schedule in your pool and set the measurement time. The TREAT will begin dosing within 24-hours of determining the schedule, as needed. When your TEST sample is analyzed at WaterGuru headquarters, custom advice will become available to you in the App to balance parameters other than free chlorine and pH in your pool.

Can TREAT continue to operate in high heat conditions?

Yes, up to 110º

What if I use dry acid?

Dry acid adds sulfates to the water that can build up and degrade plaster surfaces (including grout in between tile). It is better to use muriatic acid and that is what TREAT uses. You cannot use dry acid in TREAT.

Can TREAT be used in an above ground pool?

TREAT requires placement over a skimmer. Larger above-ground pools may have skimmers similar to in-ground pools that will work with TREAT. Smaller above-ground pools may have skimmers smaller than 8″ openings and will not work or may have skimmers that are not well supported and will not handle the weight of TREAT filled with chemicals for dosing.

Can TREAT be used in a spa?

No, TREAT cannot be used in a spa. The dosing is not small enough and Cal-Hypo chlorine will build up calcium in the spa which at hot spa temperatures can cause scaling too soon.

WaterGuru TREAT

  • Measures and tracks real time pool chemistry conditions. Calibrated to your unique pool.
  • Dispenses the least amount of chemicals only when needed.
  • Balances pH and Chlorine perfectly 24/7 to control bacteria and algae.
  • Works with all chlorine types and salt water pools.