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SENSE S2 C5 Cassette

Includes 1 C5 Cassette
SENSE S2 C5 Cassette
SENSE S2 C5 Cassette

SENSE S2 C5 Cassette

Includes 1 C5 Cassette

This cassette and its patented chemistry pads are essential for correct analysis of your pool’s water, giving you the information you need to maintain a safe and clean environment to swim in.

  • For use exclusively in SENSE S2 devices
  • Smart cassette with patented chemistry pads and easy snap-in replacement
  • 1 x C5 Cassette* - Measures pH and FC daily, plus CYA, Hardness and Alkalinity, lasts 1 month (29 days). Additional daily measurements will reduce Cassette life. 

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*Our FC and pH pads use custom WaterGuru proprietary chemistry. The TA, CH and CYA pads were more recently introduced. We are continuing to improve the algorithms and accuracy for these newer pads.

How To Replace SENSE Cassette

No more testing strips and last minute trips to the pool supply store. Get precise pool water test readings sent straight to your phone.
We have ramped up production and our C5 Cassettes are back in stock