How does WaterGuru Work?

WaterGuru is a smart device is installed on your skimmer with its Sensor dangling in the skimmer basket. WaterGuru uses patented optical technology to measure the Free Chlorine (FC) and acidity (pH) of your pool water.

WaterGuru SENSE Setup Instructions

What does WaterGuru measure?

WaterGuru measures the free chlorine (FC), acidity (pH), temperature, and flow of your pool water.

How can I get a WaterGuru?

You can purchase WaterGuru right here on our website.

Does WaterGuru work in Salt water pools?

WaterGuru works just fine in salt water pools with salt levels up to 5000 ppm.

How long do the batteries last?

WaterGuru batteries last for approximately 6 months. Performance may vary based on the brand of batteries used. WaterGuru recommends using ‘Energizer’ brand batteries which we have tested extensively.

How do I change the batteries?

  1. The Battery compartment is located under the WaterGuru Skimmer cover.
  2. Remove SENSE from your skimmer and place it with the WaterGuru logo on the ground.
  3. Wipe away all the moisture with a cloth. It’s important to keep moisture out of the battery compartment to avoid corrosion.
  4. Open the battery compartment and remove the old batteries. Safely dispose off the batteries.
  5. Insert new batteries from recommended brand and firmly close the battery compartment. (Manufacturer’s have varying characteristics in their batteries. Our testing has shown batteries from ‘Energizer’ brand perform the best in the environment that WaterGuru is exposed to.)
  6. Flashing LED lights will indicate that unit has turned on.
  7. Place the Sensor unit back in the skimmer with the cover on top of the skimmer.

WaterGuru Battery Replacement

How to change WiFi?

WiFi settings for your unit can be changed in the WaterGuru App. WaterGuru App uses Bluetooth (similar to connecting to your car) to communicate with your unit. You will need to be close to the unit when trying to change the WiFi settings for your unit. You can find the instructions here.

What is the WaterGuru Cassette and where can I get a replacement Cassette?

WaterGuru Cassettes hold strips of sensing pads that measure chemistry. You can purchase a cassette right here on our website.

How do I replace the Cassette?

  1. Remove the Sensor unit from the skimmer.
  2. Open the mesh bag and remove the cassette.
  3. Wipe the optical window clean in the Sensor unit at the bottom of the cassette well.
  4. Insert a new cassette in the Sensor unit all the way until it clicks.
  5. Tie the mesh sock around the cable such that no debris enters the Sensor unit and the cassette. Small debris such as insects, sand, soil, etc. can get in the optical path and result in incorrect readings.
  6. Place the Sensor unit back in the skimmer with the cover on top of the skimmer.
  7. Open the app and tap the pool icon at the bottom of the screen. In the “Supply Levels” row tap the right arrow and then mark that the cassette has been replaced.

WaterGuru Cassette Change

How often do I have to change the Cassette?

WaterGuru refillable Cassettes have enough pads for taking 60 reads. With typical usage Cassettes last approximately 2 months.

How it works
  • WaterGuru SENSE is a smart device that is connected to your home WiFi. The device measures pool water chemistry daily and reports it to the cloud.
  • Your pool status is available to you in the WaterGuru App.