The Better Way to manage your pool.


Why WaterGuru is a Must

Measures and tracks real time pool chemistry conditions. Calibrated to your unique pool.

Dispenses the least amount of chemicals only when needed.

Balances pH and Chlorine perfectly 24/7 to control bacteria and algae.

Works with all chlorine types and salt water pools.

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What waterguru customers say

Richard Wendel
United States
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I bought my Water Guru because I was tired of driving to Leslie’s for water testing. Now I get my test results daily with advice on how to correct the water chemicals
Le Shek
Morgan Hill, United States
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If my pool's free chlorine or Ph goes out of range I get an alert on my phone. Tests daily or on demand. Finally something with a price affordable for individual consumer. You will save in chemicals and headache medicine to recover the cost 🙂 That is not all. Fantastic support! I had serious problems with installation, partly to my fault 🙂 Got to the point that support expert walked me through the process life on the phone. Thank you WaterGuru team and the inventors of this device.
Larry Whitworth
Ponte Vedra, United States
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After years of problems with a once a week pool service I purchased the WaterGuru Sense and have been extremely impressed with the ease of maintaining balanced chemistry each and every day. I have saved money and eliminated the problems with a pool service and I am extremely pleased with the ease of maintaining my pool myself.
aleksey kazakov
Miami, United States
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very convenient and reliable service, the pool is under control every day, not once a week....
David Abbott
Scottsdale, United States
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I am retired, and didn't think I would need/want something like the WaterGuru. But it sounded interesting so I bought one. I'm so glad I did. Those times when pool maintenance gets away from you, or your away from home for a few days, you can always check on the fly to make sure everything is where it should be when it comes to your chemicals. I had an issue with my first one and they sent me another within a couple of days. Great company!
Jeff Williams
Shreveport, United States
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Having the readings each day delivered to my phone is very nice. Just yesterday I got a notice that I had low water flow and was quickly able to check on the issue. The readings are really accurate and the advice when PH is high seems to be spot on. Great product.
Antonio Valadez
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Great product and service.
Houston, United States
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Water guru is great! Saves so much time with not having to go to pool supply to have water tested. Love this product Only issue is I never rec'd anything info back on water test which i mail same day i rec'd. system is telling me to re order test at zero cost but will not let me order?
Trabuco Canyon, United States
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I have had the Water Guru for about 4 months now and have been impressed with how it works. I had one problem with the unit (it stopped working) and the customer service team immediately shipped out a replacement. All said, I am happy with the Water Guru and so far impressed with the company's support for its product.
United States
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It's so handy and easy to have the pool chlorine and pH numbers every day. And the ADVICE tells me how much of chlorine or acid I need to add. It's most helpful when I'm away on vacation, and I can tell a neighbor how much to add! Even the the pool pump running indicator has come in handy, I could tell that pool pump was not going on, and was able to give instructions on how to set pump to auto turn on.

The TREAT every
pool deserves.

Measure your unique pool chemistry and track it in real time.






1. Get TREAT.

2. Enjoy white glove service.

3. Receive chemicals & supplies.

4. Relax, hassle free.

Gain pool water stability

Keep your chemicals perfectly balanced with TREAT! No more spikes of irritating chemicals.

Gets out of your way

Hosting a big party? No problem.
Easily stow TREAT in your garage or pool shed.

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All the perks,
one monthly price.

Try TREAT for free*

Available in select markets.

What’s included:

You’re always in control.

Experience the joy of owning TREAT.

Why white glove with WaterGuru

*See TREAT terms and conditions.


WaterGuru TREAT measures free chlorine (FC) and pH of the pool water sampled from the skimmer.

TREAT will then dose chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) and pH down (muriatic acid) in your skimmer to maintain the pool balance.

TREAT measures and balances free chlorine (FC) and pH of the pool water.

We periodically establish the baseline of your pool water through our TEST program. Click here for more details.

TREAT requires no tools for installation. It can be installed in a few easy steps (click here) and your pool status will be available to you in your phone through the WaterGuru app.

We periodically establish the baseline of your pool water through our TEST program by measuring 8 parameters that do not change daily. Click here for more details. 

TREAT measures free chlorine (FC) and pH daily since these parameters can change in a short time.

We appreciate you being a loyal customer. There will be a special offer for early adopters to upgrade from SENSE to TREAT

Absolutely! TREAT measures pH everyday and doses pH down as needed to maintain the balance in your pool.

TREAT also doses chlorine to maintain the chlorine levels in your pool. This can work in conjunction with you SWCG to ‘top off’ the chlorine demand, be a backup for chlorine dosing if your SWCG fails, or can help with lessening the use of the SWCG to increase it’s life.

Yes. Follow these simple steps.

Yes, TREAT remains locked at all times and can only be opened using the WaterGuru app. 

TREAT does not leak any chemicals from the reservoir when tipped over. Small amounts of pH down or chlorinator can come out. If spilled on the deck please wash if away otherwise the spills can cause damage. 

For a typical pool, the TREAT holds enough chemicals for 3 weeks. Depending on the size and usage of the pool, you may need to fill more or less often.

Use this calculator to determine projected costs for your pool. Typically, it costs $$$/month.

See the steps here, or watch the video.

TREAT is scheduled to measure automatically once a day prior to dosing and add chemicals if needed.

TREAT will measure the free chlorine and pH once a day. You can measure more often by triggering a manual measurement from the WaterGuru App.

Treat automatically detects the pump schedule within a day after installing and sets a measurement time when the pump is on. You can override the measurement time through the Settings menu in the App, please ensure that the pump is running during measurement and will continue to be running for at least 2 hours to allow sufficient time for dosing if needed.

It takes a full 24-hour period to determine the pump schedule in your pool and set the measurement time. The TREAT will begin dosing within 24-hours of determining the schedule, as needed. When your TEST sample is analyzed at WaterGuru headquarters, custom advice will become available to you in the App to balance parameters other than free chlorine and pH in your pool.

Dry acid adds sulfates to the water that can build up and degrade plaster surfaces (including grout in between tile). It is better to use muriatic acid and that is what TREAT uses. You cannot use dry acid in TREAT.

TREAT requires placement over a skimmer. Larger above-ground pools may have skimmers similar to in-ground pools that will work with TREAT. Smaller above-ground pools may have skimmers smaller than 8″ openings and will not work or may have skimmers that are not well supported and will not handle the weight of TREAT filled with chemicals for dosing.

No, TREAT cannot be used in a spa. The dosing is not small enough and Cal-Hypo chlorine will build up calcium in the spa which at hot spa temperatures can cause scaling too soon.

TREAT turns regular pools into


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