WaterGuru SENSE Setup

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WaterGuru SENSE is a compact device that helps you gather information about indoor and outdoor pool water chemistry. When paired with your smartphone, the technology provides you with real-time updates to keep a healthy chemical balance throughout the season. Installing the SENSE pool care unit is a simple process, and users with all levels of pool maintenance experience can benefit from this assistive tool that replaces your original skimmer cover.

WaterGuru sets you up for success by including everything you need for a quick installation right out of the box.

Setting Up Your WaterGuru SENSE for the First Time

WaterGuru SENSE arrives preassembled. No additional tools or hardware are necessary to use the product. The outline below will help you set up your new SENSE pool care monitor for accurate readouts:

  1. Remove the existing cover from your pool skimmer.
  2. Open the WaterGuru SENSE box and remove all contents.
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover that sits underneath the SENSE lid.
  4. Locate the four C cell alkaline batteries included with SENSE. They’ll be in a white box.
  5. Use the springs and positive/negative inputs to install the batteries.
  6. Shut the battery compartment using the clamps to keep moisture out.
  7. Find the included cassette cartridge, which will either be pre-installed, or shipped in silver packaging, and snap the unit in place inside the sensor housing.
  8. Place the entire sensor housing inside the included mesh bag and tie it off using the strings.
  9. Unravel the sensor wiring that connects to the lid, and submerge the sensor inside the skimmer.
  10. Download the WaterGuru app and follow the in-app instructions for pairing via Wi-Fi.

Reach Out to Our Team for More Assistance

If you have any questions about setting up your device, feel free to get in touch with our team. For product support, you can email, or call 1-855-701-3889 for assistance.


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