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Pool Problems

Chlorine Demand

When pool contaminant levels get too high, your usual dose of chlorine doesn’t get the job done. Pool maintenance professionals refer to this phenomenon as “chlorine demand,” or “chlorine lock.” The solution is often more chlorine, but how much is too much? SENSE makes it easy to deal with chlorine demand—without irritating the eyes and skin of your guests.

Never deal with chlorine demand again.

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Pool smart. Delivers customized instructions on how to maintain your water in perfect balance with the least amount of chemicals.

SENSE’s proprietary film strip, made from glass components, stays submerged in water 24/7 without degrading, then exposes one-time-use chemistry pads for precise measurement.

SENSE samples the entire pool, not just the surface water. SENSE’s patented optical sensor precisely reads the color of each measurement pad, indiscernible to the naked eye.

Forget about test strips. Get Guru advice based on your pool conditions. Available for iOS and Android.

Understand exactly what your pool needs. Mail in a sample of your pool’s water with TEST. We’ll send you back professional, lab-tested water quality data, calibrated precisely to your pool.

Never have to deal with chlorine demand again. Get WaterGuru SENSE.

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