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SENSE S2 Cassette Combo Pack
Includes 1 C5 and 2 C2 Cassettes
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Smartly monitor your pool condition with SENSE products.

SENSE S2 Cassettes
SENSE S2 Cassette Combo Pack
1 C5 and 2 C2 cassettes gives you 5 months of measurements 4 months FC and pH and 1 month FC, PH, TA, CH and CYA
SENSE S2 C5 Cassette 3-Pack
3 C5 cassettes gives you 3 months of measurements FC, pH, TA, CH and CYA Ideal for those who keep their pool open year round and need daily readings of all 5 water chemistry values.
SENSE S2 C2 Cassette 3-Pack
3 C2 cassettes gives you 6 months of measurements FC and pH