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  • Free in-app dosing advice
  • Free lab-grade analysis
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  • Free in-app dosing advice
  • Free lab-grade analysis
  • Premium customer support
  • 1 year warranty

Pool maintenance made easy. WaterGuru SENSE is PC Mag Editor’s Choice winner for smart pool monitors.

WaterGuru Sense is a great choice. It’s hard to beat the automated convenience of daily electronic testing.

WaterGuru SENSE

WaterGuru SENSE

As a pool owner, you know that you have to regularly check your swimming pool’s water chemistry to ensure it stays healthy. People use pool pH monitors to check the water’s chemistry. When it’s time to review your pool’s pH, a WaterGuru SENSE pool monitor will make the process quick and easy for your convenience.

WaterGuru SENSE is a smart pool monitor. It fits directly inside the skimmer, so the monitor reads the pH level for the entire pool instead of just the surface water. The device works for both chlorine and salt pools. When you use SENSE, you’re using patented technology. The device uses special optical sensors and tech to provide clear readings and analyze the pool water’s quality.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your pool’s water chemistry, the SENSE is for you.

WaterGuru TREAT The biggest innovation in automated pool care is here.

Product Focus

Things you’ll love about SENSE

  • A complete package for perfectly balanced water 24/7
  • No more trips to the pool store
  • Precise pool chemistry measurements, any time anywhere
  • Free in-app dosing advice
  • Free lab-grade pool water analysis

Minus the things you won’t miss

  • Inaccurate measurements
  • Hidden subscription costs
  • Guesswork maintaining your pool
  • Equipment floating in your pool
  • Wi-Fi bridge requirements

Save time, money and headaches.

Learn how to use WaterGuru to avoid common pool problems.

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More SENSE Products

You can use SENSE for years after buying the device. We carry replacement items for when it’s time to switch out the Smart cassette or if you need a pool skimmer adapter. Our additional SENSE products ensure the device continues to give accurate results. Some of our other products include:

SENSE cassettes

The cassette that comes with your WaterGuru SENSE kit gathers information about your pool’s chemistry for analysis. It needs replacement every eight weeks to continue working right.

100 micron SENSE mesh bag

The mesh bag protects your SENSE from debris and keeps it clean while installed. You can purchase more mesh bags to keep as backups.

Square skimmer adapter

WaterGuru SENSE fits any 8-inch round pool skimmer. If you have a square skimmer, you can still use SENSE. We have a square skimmer adapter that fits over a 10-inch square skimmer.

Adapter ring

If your pool skimmer is smaller or larger, an adapter ring ensures SENSE sits evenly on your skimmer.

WaterGuru Test

Though you receive a free test with your purchase of WaterGuru SENSE, having an extra test on hand is beneficial when you need to conduct a second analysis. When you send a WaterGuru Test for analysis, you’ll find if the pool water has a chemical imbalance and receive advice for a proper treatment plan.

Our additional SENSE products are available for order whenever you need them.

WaterGuru Pool Supplies

When you use WaterGuru SENSE to monitor your pool water’s chemistry and quality, the proper pool supplies can help you keep the water clean and safe. When you use quality pool care products, your pool will benefit. At WaterGuru, we have a selection of pool supplies that work well with the SENSE pool monitor.

Our most popular supplies include chlorine, pH balancers, algae cleaner and extra components for the SENSE. Our cleaning supplies cover various pool care needs, including:

  • Maintaining pH levels.
  • Containing algae buildup.
  • Improving calcium hardness.
  • Removing phosphate.
  • Maximizing chlorine efficiency.
  • Increasing alkalinity.

Benefits of Pool Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your pool clean using the proper supplies ensures you can use your pool for many years. Your pool will benefit from several positive results with regular care, including:

  • Safer swimming

    Maintaining the proper pH levels, chlorine and removing harmful bacteria will keep the water safe for swimming. When the water quality is safe, people can stay comfortable and healthy.

  • Long pool life

    Keeping the pool clean and maintained helps the pool's longevity and appearance.

  • Visual appeal

    With proper care, the water will stay clear and inviting. The pool bowl and surrounding features will also maintain a clean, inviting and safe appearance.

  • Extended equipment life

    The equipment your pool uses to function correctly, like pumps, jets and more, will last a long time with proper pool care.

“WaterGuru was extremely easy to set up…”

“It took only minutes to unpack, connect to Wi-Fi, install the app, and set up. I love the ease of use. It tests the water daily at the same time and I get the best advice to maintain chemical balance, right on my phone. Since purchasing WaterGuru, I have cancelled my pool service and I’m happy about savings every month. I highly recommend WaterGuru SENSE!”

Matthew D.

Why Maintain Your Pool’s Water Chemistry?

When you own a pool, it’s vital to maintain the pool’s water chemistry. Having a proper pH level is critical to keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. Over time, pool water can collect bacteria that adjust your pool’s pH level, making the water unsafe. The proper pH level for pools is between 7.4 and 7.8 to ensure the water is neutral and suitable for human use. When the pH balance changes, the water quality can affect parts of your pool, the swimming quality and safety.

Here are some reasons why maintaining the pH level is essential:

1. Keeps the water healthy for swimmers

A pH level that’s too low or too high can cause eye and skin irritation for swimmers. When the water is too acidic, it stings the eyes and nasal passages. It also strips the body of natural oils, causing the skin to be dry and itchy and leaving the hair brittle. When you maintain a proper pH level, you ensure that people can swim in your pool without worry.

2. Unbalanced pH levels cause pool damage

Water that’s too acidic or basic can cause physical damage to your pool if you don’t handle it in a reasonable time. Hard water can affect different pool system components, like the heater, pump and more. If your pool has vinyl liners, unbalanced pH levels can cause the liners to grow and absorb water. The vinyl will age faster and may need replacement sooner.

3. Corrosion can happen

If the water is too acidic, it can cause pool components to corrode. The acid can corrode any ladders, diving board bases and slides that are in your pool. The plaster in gunite pools may even corrode if the water is too acidic.

If you schedule regular care for your pool water, you’ll ensure that your pool lasts a long time with minimal damage.

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It’s easy to have perfectly balanced pool water every day.

Receive water treatment advice based on WaterGuru SENSE measurements and your pool conditions. Available for iOS and Android.

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Buy WaterGuru SENSE Today

Start receiving accurate results every time you test your swimming pool’s water chemistry. With WaterGuru SENSE, you can easily keep track of your pool’s water quality and take preventative action to maintain the chemical levels. Any time your pool’s water quality changes, you’ll receive professional water treatment advice based on your pool’s specific conditions.

Our smart water monitor is the missing piece for your pool care supplies. Start enjoying the benefits of easy pool care when you purchase WaterGuru SENSE today!

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