Pool Problems

Staining & Scaling

Whether your pool liner is concrete, plaster or vinyl, staining and scaling may occur. Sometimes it’s the water source you used to fill your pool. Other times it is from corrosion of copper or from use of copper-based algaecides.

Where Stains Come From

Stains or water discoloration appear in all sorts of scary colors. They often look like algae, but don’t brush off easily and they’re not slick or slimy. They are typically caused by metals present in the water, and are reasonably straightforward to treat.

Sources of unwanted metals often include:

  • Copper-based algaecide products.
  • The source water used to fill your pool.
  • Corroding copper parts.

Preventing Stains & Scaling

1.Have WaterGuru SENSE regularly testing the water for metals (especially copper and iron).

2.Maintain well-balanced pool water, and use scale/stain control products as directed.

Treating Stains and Scaling

Step 1

Apply stain-fighting chemicals as directed by WaterGuru advice.

Step 2

Brush stained/scaled areas. This can take up to a week of constant brushing if it’s bad.

Step 3

Repeat as necessary.