WaterGuru SENSE devices are designed to run each time you activate your pool’s water pump. The technology stays within your skimmer so it can get a continuous read several inches below the surface. To receive real-time data through our mobile app, a SENSE cassette is needed within the sensor unit.

WaterGuru technology submerges in water to communicate the status of pH levels and chlorine. It’s recommended that you change out your SENSE cassette every two months for a replacement.

Steps to Change a WaterGuru Cassette

Swapping out your current cassette takes minutes, and this quick process ensures you receive accurate data for a tailored pool treatment plan. Follow these steps to replace your SENSE cassette correctly:

  1. Lift the SENSE lid from your skimmer and place it on the ground with the underside facing up.
  2. Be careful not to place any tension on the cable running to the sensor unit.
  3. Remove the mesh pouch containing the sensor unit from the skimmer.
  4. Untie the mesh bag to gain access to the sensor unit.
  5. Press in on the left- and right-side tabs near the top of the cassette to release it from the housing.
  6. Locate a replacement cassette and insert the cartridge into the opening.
  7. Put the sensor unit with the updated cassette back in the mesh pouch and tie it off.
  8. Place the sensor unit back in the skimmer and cover with the SENSE lid.
  9. Launch the WaterGuru app and update the status of the cassette from the “Supply Levels” page.

Purchase the WaterGuru SENSE and Accessories Online

WaterGuru SENSE measures the true chemistry of your pool and provides you with advice on how to maintain water clarity and balance. Our innovative technology communicates with your mobile devices through a cloud-based app requiring no subscription fees. Place your order today and check out our adapters and replacement supplies to get the most out of SENSE.