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WaterGuru TEST Instructions

Maintaining your pool’s chlorine and pH levels is important for pool water clarity and sanitation purposes. If you recently purchased a WaterGuru SENSE device, you probably noticed the complementary TEST kit included with your order. Before you purchase any treatment chemicals, it’s very important to have the diagnostic information you need.

The professionals at WaterGuru will perform a free lab-grade analysis of your indoor or outdoor pool. You can collect a pool water sample in a matter of seconds following a few basic instructions.

How to Use Your WaterGuru TEST Kit

Before taking your water sample, be sure to download the WaterGuru app on your smartphone or device. Create an account with all the required information to ensure our WaterGurus can send updates regarding your results. We’ll assess your pool water sample according to eight different parameters, which include alkalinity, calcium hardness, phosphates, copper, iron and other key factors.

Follow the steps below so our professionals can examine your pool water sample:

  1. Locate your SENSE order and find the TEST kit packaging.
  2. Take out the vial and unfasten the cap cover.
  3. Perform a quick rinse by submerging the vial in your pool and emptying it to clear contaminants.
  4. Collect a sample by reaching down as far as you can below the surface.
  5. Ensure that the vial is completely full and there are no empty spaces where air can enter.
  6. Quickly twist the cap shut to seal off the vial.
  7. Use a clean cloth to dry the outside of the vial.
  8. Locate the prepaid envelope and place the vial inside.
  9. Apply the return shipping label, mail the sample and check the WaterGuru app for updates.

WaterGuru Is Your Source for Pool Care Technology

If your WaterGuru TEST kit indicates a custom water treatment plan is in order, our patented SENSE technology provides step-by-step instructions to help you improve conditions. Monitor the true chemistry of your pool by shopping for replacement cassettes and other accessories that make it possible to receive real-time data.

Have questions about our products? Reach out to a customer representative by emailing, or dialing 1-855-701-3889 today.