WaterGuru SENSE


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What’s in the Box
  • WaterGuru SENSE
  • TEST (free analysis of your pool water)
  • Measurement Cassette
  • 4 “C” Batteries
  • Mesh Bag
  • Quick Start Guide
WaterGuru SENSE
  • Sends Free Chlorine, pH, temperature and flow to the mobile app 24/7
  • Sends data for customized pool treatment advice
  • Provides confidence that your pool water is safe and clean
  • Works with chlorine and salt pools
  • Installs in minutes
  • Works with both round and square skimmers 8-10″ in size
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Simple. Fast. Accurate.

5.0 rating
November 1, 2019

If you’re like me, your life is busy. Simplify your life, get a WaterGuru. I service my own pool and usually that job falls to the bottom of the list. When the kids call to use the pool, I wonder if the pool water is spot on (since I haven’t stayed on top,of it). I wonder if algae is growing, is my ph right or have my test chemicals gone bad. With WaterGuru all that worrying and wonder – Gone. As I lay on my couch I pull up the app and review the most recent test or initiate a new one.

Mark S.

Absolutely loving my Water Guru.

5.0 rating
September 27, 2019

It was very simple to setup and connect with the WiFi, the direction were clear and easy to follow. I work long hours at night and there are times when I don’t see my pool for weeks. The Water Guru allows me to monitor my pool and know if chemicals need to be added or my chlorinator needs adjusting. I’m looking forward to not coming home to a GREEN pool again.

David Alan W.

It works!

5.0 rating
September 25, 2019

I started my pool with a very hi ph and no chlorine. Installed the unit after viewing a video. I suggested a picture board included in the shipping box.
It works! I checked my manual test and the unit matched it perfectly!!

MARK DeLange

Set up

5.0 rating
September 22, 2019

I have a 80,000 gallon pool that I maintain myself. I’m a tech freak and anything that you can imagine I control from my mobile phone.
This is a very nice addition to my pool control systems. I would like to see a picture board style literature with the system in the box a picture is worth a thousand words
I emailed the company and had very quick response and a wonderful phone conversation with Pankaj. What a pleasant experience! I can totally see myself spreading the news about this product!!!


I love the new WaterGuru SENSE system.

5.0 rating
September 13, 2019

Until I discovered it, I was doing the usual daily chore of measuring the various pool levels with the chemical kits from the home stores. Rain or shine, I always trying to get the exact balance required to keep my pool in perfect condition. And with an old knee injury making it harder to stoop and scoop from the pool every day, I was looking for an alternative. That’s where SENSE came to the rescue.
Now I just check my phone once a day and SENSE sends me the details of how much or little I need to add to keep the pool balanced. I love the ease and convenience.
It does a daily automatic check but I can measure the levels myself should I choose to do that. It recommends how much of a particular chemical to add based on my pool size and what type of chemicals I add. It also lets me know the pool temperature.
It was super easy to install, the instructions were clear and, overall, I couldn’t be happier with the SENSE system. It has taken pool care to the next level and made it easy. I would recommend it to anyone who values a well maintained pool!

Noel H.
4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 13 reviews)
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