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SENSE Cassette

WaterGuru SENSE Cassette Gen 2
WaterGuru SENSE Cassette Gen 2

SENSE Cassette

  • Good for 8 weeks
  • Smart cassette with proprietary chemistry pads
  • SENSE’s film strip made from laminated-glass components to ensure stability in chlorinated water
  • Easy snap-in replacement

WaterGuru SENSE makes it easy to balance pool chemicals when paired with a smartphone or tablet. The pool care device gathers information about chlorine, pH levels, water temperature and other key details via a patented optical sensors that sit below the corresponding skimmer lid. For accurate readouts, it’s essential to have replacement SENSE cassettes available, as the units are equipped with chemistry pads used to gather pool water data for analysis.

SENSE cassettes fasten inside your device’s sensor unit. The snap-in technology allows your WaterGuru SENSE products to analyze changes in water chemistry 24/7. All SENSE orders come with a cassette out of the box, but it is important to replace these pieces every eight weeks. Where traditional test strips are suitable for a single use, SENSE cassettes communicate with our patented technology to help keep your pool water crystal clear for two months.

SENSE Cassettes Fasten in Seconds

WaterGuru lab measurement cassettes are one-size-fits-all for our SENSE pool care device. Replacement units come equipped with fastening and release tabs on each side that slide into place within the sensor housing. No tools are required to change out your factory SENSE cassette, as tabs push in easily by hand.

To install a SENSE cassette within your WaterGuru system, follow the shape of the sensor unit. Replacement cassettes only install in one direction, and users are to place the sensor unit back within the mesh bag once the installation is complete.

Open the WaterGuru app to see a notification that the cartridge has been replaced. Select the “Measure Now” option within the software for iOS and Android to ensure that your SENSE cassette is calibrated and ready to present real-time data.

Purchase SENSE Cassettes and Other Supplies From WaterGuru

WaterGuru specializes in pool care monitoring technology that outperforms designs made by the competition. Our SENSE cassettes collect water samples coming from far below the surface for a more accurate and well-rounded approach to pool water treatment. Order a replacement SENSE cassette today and browse our full list of supplies and accessories to get the most out of our pool care devices.