SENSE Cassette 3 pack


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Conveniently balance your pool chemicals with WaterGuru SENSE. This smart pool care device routinely collects information about your swimming pool's chlorine levels, pH levels, water temperature and algae growth using intuitive sensors called cassettes. These cassettes and their accompanying chemistry pads are essential for correct 24/7 analysis of your pool's water, giving you the information you need to maintain a safe and clean environment to swim in. 

These cassettes are crucial components for accurately analyzing your pool's conditions to carry out routine care more effectively. It's always wise to have replacement cassettes at your disposal to quickly change them out whenever one reaches the end of its usable life. Typical test strips for monitoring your pool are often single use — these test cassettes for WaterGuru SENSE work to keep your pool cleaner longer. Usually, these cassettes last around eight weeks and should be replaced immediately. 

We have designed our SENSE monitors and cassettes to include accessible replacement features, helping you spend less time worrying about how to change them. To ensure the proper functioning of your monitor, these cassettes fasten directly inside your monitor's sensor unit with fastening and release tabs. With the cassettes' snap-in technology and no need for extra tools, you can enjoy a no-hassle installation experience, giving you more time to focus on your pool's health.

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To give you the most convenient experience, we offer our WaterGuru SENSE Cassettes in packs of three. Having extras on hand will help you stay on top of your pool maintenance and give you the confidence that you have what you need every time you grab one. 

At WaterGuru, we work hard to provide you with technology to help you properly care for your pool. While many similar devices work only on the surface level, our cassettes test water at deeper levels, giving you a more thorough analysis of your pool's conditions. Order your WaterGuru SENSE 3-Pack of replacement cassettes today!

In stock, ready to ship.

  • Good for 8 weeks
  • Smart cassette with proprietary chemistry pads
  • SENSE’s film strip made from laminated-glass components to ensure stability in chlorinated water
  • Easy snap-in replacement
  • Includes 2 free TESTs with every purchase