Square Skimmer Adapter


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We understand that not all pools come with 8" circular skimmers. Because of this, we have created our 10" square skimmer adapter to be used with either smaller or larger skimmer sizes to help the WaterGuru sit level on your skimmer. With a super easy installation process, you can remove your old skimmer cover and replace it with our square skimmer adapter. Our WaterGuru SENSE fits nicely within it, acting as your new pool cover, and it will immediately start giving you the information you need to have confidence in your pool. 

Properly maintaining your pool gives you the peace of mind to enjoy a nice swim or lounging experience whenever you need it. With our battery-powered WaterGuru SENSE technology, you will gain a deeper understanding of the chemicals present in your pool. You'll gain step-by-step instructions to keep your pool clean and see pH levels and more in real time! You can access this information right from your phone with our WaterGuru app. 

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This square skimmer adapter for WaterGuru SENSE will remove the hassle of typical pool care devices that float on top of your pool water. Those devices give you inaccurate representations of your water by not having the ability to test the entire pool's chemistry. Our 10-inch square skimmer adapter is versatile to fit your pool and give it the care it deserves. 

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