WaterGuru TREAT


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What’s in the Box

  • WaterGuru TREAT 
  • TEST (free analysis of your pool water)
  • Smart Cassette
  • 4 “D” Batteries
  • pH Down and Granular Chlorine Packs (shipped separately)
  • Quick Start Guide

WaterGuru TREAT

  • Measure and treat your pool water chemistry automatically
  • Simplifies your pool care forever with automated chemical dispensing, monitoring and expert advice
  • Measures and tracks real time pool chemistry conditions calibrated to your unique pool
  • Dispenses the least amount of chemicals only when needed
  • Balances pH and Chlorine perfectly 24/7 to control bacteria and algae
  • Works with all chlorine types and salt water pools
  • Operates independently with 6 month battery life
  • No subscription fees
  • Purchase chemicals and cassettes from WaterGuru as needed
  • Sends Free Chlorine, pH, temperature and flow to the mobile app daily
  • Provides confidence that your pool water is safe and clean
  • Works with chlorine and salt pools
  • Installs in minutes
  • Works with both round skimmers 8-10″ in size