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WaterGuru’s SENSE in USA Today as a Sustainable Way to Save Money

WaterGuru's SENSE

We are thrilled to announce that WaterGuru has been featured in a press piece by Jennifer Jolly on USA Today titled "Save money – and the planet: 5 smart home gadgets to lower costs and energy use." In the article, Jolly highlights WaterGuru's pool monitor, the SENSE, as a smart solution for pool owners who want to save money and protect the environment.

The WaterGuru SENSE is a smart sensor that can be placed in your pool skimmer to provide real-time updates on when to run pumps or add chemicals through an app on your smartphone. It simplifies pool care and allows pool owners to avoid running pumps needlessly 24/7, which can lead to drastic savings on electricity bills.

The article features Dallas-based real estate agent Justin Downs, who says that his family cut their electricity bill by $1,500 to $200 in the first year after adding the WaterGuru SENSE to their pool. Downs also mentions that he cut back on pool chemicals, making it safer for his family, including his three young daughters.

WaterGuru is excited to be recognized for our innovative pool monitor that helps save money while protecting your loved ones and the planet. The SENSE is a prime example of how the pool industry can step up and use new technology to create a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing to develop smart solutions that benefit both pool owners and the environment. 

Learn more about the SENSE or watch the video feature from USA Today here.