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Water Care Advice

Pool Care

When it comes to owning a pool, it’s vital that you take the necessary measures to keep it clean. Properly maintaining your pool will ensure that it’s fresh, clear and safe for swimming. Pool care balancing and cleaning supplies are essential for accomplishing this goal, but it can be challenging to determine when you should use them. With an automatic pool chemical monitor, you can keep tabs on your water quality as well as detect imbalances and contaminants before they impact pool health.

WaterGuru pool chemistry monitors set the standard for convenience and functionality with features you can’t find in standard products. SENSE smart monitors sit in your pool’s skimmer, taking water supply samples that give the most accurate representation of your entire pool. And with its streamlined reporting capabilities, our easy-to-install pool care monitoring system allows you to check your pool’s water health on your phone no matter where you are.

Importance of Owning a Pool Care Monitoring System

Automatic pool chemical monitors are great for alerting users of imbalances that can impact the water quality in their pool. Without a pool monitor, these changes can go unnoticed, resulting in water that may be unsafe for swimming. Pool monitors are key in catching these issues early so pool owners can properly maintain and protect their pools against unwanted contaminants and unhealthy water composition.

With pool care monitoring systems like SENSE, you can perform these vital functions:

  • Maintain a healthy pH: When you monitor pH levels, you can confirm that your water never becomes overly acidic, which can be harmful to swimmers and damaging to equipment.
  • Check chlorine levels: Too much chlorine can irritate the skin, while too little fails to adequately sanitize your water. You can ensure that your water maintains the appropriate amount of chlorine using a pool monitor.
  • Keep track of calcium hardness: When you monitor calcium hardness levels, you can more easily prevent scaling and corrosion in your pool.

Benefits of a Clean Pool

The SENSE pool care monitor from WaterGuru gives you the tools you need to ensure that your pool is always clean, fresh and ready for swimming. Having a clean pool offers many visual, cost and safety benefits that you can enjoy for years to come. When you have the proper resources to keep your pool sanitary, you’ll experience:

  • Safer swimming: A clean pool provides a safe, healthy swimming environment that won’t make swimmers sick or irritate their skin.
  • Extended pool life: Your pool will last longer when it’s properly maintained, preventing the need for a premature replacement.
  • Visual appeal: A pool with clear, sparkling water is visually appealing and inviting to swimmers.
  • Long-lasting equipment: A clean pool prevents chemical imbalances that can corrode your pool equipment.

With WaterGuru pool care supplies, you’ll be prepared to manage your water quality the minute your SENSE monitor detects chemical changes.

Get Your SENSE Pool Chemistry Monitor Today

For a hassle-free pool care solution, choose WaterGuru SENSE smart monitors. We help users monitor their water to ensure that all chemical levels are balanced, making for a clean, healthy pool that you can enjoy for years to come.

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