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Water Care Advice

Pool Safety for Dogs

Once you reopen your pool for the summer, you might want your dog to stay by your side as you go for a swim or lounge in the sun. While dogs may not be as prone to pool-related incidents as children, you can still take extra precautions to ensure your pet stays safe around your pool. Learn how to implement dog pool safety this season so you and your dog can cool off in the pool together.

Remove Your Pool Cover

Leaving your pool cover on while your dog is present could be dangerous. Your dog might not be able to distinguish between your pool cover and water, leading them to jump in when it isn’t safe or fall in by accident. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, it would be difficult for them to find their way out, causing them to become wrapped inside the material.

Unless your pool cover is solid or strong enough to hold a significant amount of weight, you should remove it before letting your dog near the pool.

Teach Your Dog to Swim

Even if you witness dogs swimming in pools regularly, it doesn’t mean that all dogs understand how to swim. If your pet isn’t around water regularly, you can easily teach them how to swim from the comfort of your own pool. To begin, you should carry your dog into your pool and lower them into the water gently.

Then, you can help your dog make the proper movements and reward their actions when you’re finished. To make sure your dog is safe, you can even use a dog life jacket.

Supervise Your Dog at All Times

The best way to ensure your pet is safe around your pool is to stay by their side. An emergency could arise at any time — whether your dog knows how to swim or not. Supervising your pet the entire time will guarantee their safety and let you quickly and safely de-escalate any dangerous situation.

Even if you step away from the pool for a short period, you may not return soon enough to come to their rescue.

Learn How Dogs Can Impact Your Pool

Multiple factors affect your pool’s chemical balance, including lotions, perspiration, sprinklers and rain. Because of these factors, the chemical levels in your pool are prone to fluctuating, especially when you let your dogs in your pool.

Your pet’s coat typically contains oil, pollen and dirt, causing your pool water to become imbalanced. To ensure your dogs swim in properly balanced water, check your pool’s chemical levels frequently.

Check Your Pool’s Chemical Levels With WaterGuru SENSE

Our unique device sends real-time updates of your pool’s fluctuating chemical levels to your smartphone or other Android or iOS device, along with instructions to help you restore its balance. With WaterGuru SENSE, you and your dog can enjoy the pool together all summer, knowing that the water is how it should be. Order your own WaterGuru SENSE today and subscribe to our email to stay updated on the best ways to stay safe in your pool this season!

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