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Water Care Advice

Smart Pool Monitor

Swimming pools are enjoyable additions to any property — and with the proper pool care, they can stand out for all the right reasons. Regular cleaning is necessary for maintaining the clarity and health of your pool water, though developing a routine can be challenging because it’s not always evident when your pool requires attention. Luckily, you can detect and address chemical imbalances in your water before they impact your pool with smart pool water monitors.

At WaterGuru, we manufacture smart pool monitors that rise above the competition. Our SENSE pool care system measures your pool’s chemistry with accuracy and precision, taking the most representative sample of your water without simply skimming the surface like standard monitors. We make pool care simple with our smart pool chemical sensors.

Importance of Using a Pool Care Water Monitor

When pool water undergoes chemical imbalances, it can result in issues such as algae, scaling, discoloration, cloudiness and skin irritation. With pool monitors like our SENSE smart system, you can detect imbalances immediately so that you can take proper action before your water quality experiences any significant changes.

Pool monitoring systems like WaterGuru SENSE allow you to detect and manage these major water functions:

  • Check chlorine levels: When you keep track of your chlorine volume, you can better maintain the appropriate levels in your pool. This capability prevents the chlorine from rising too high and irritating swimmers’ skin or falling too low and inadequately sanitizing your water.
  • Monitor calcium hardness: The presence of calcium is essential to pool health, but too much or too little can result in scaling or corrosion. You can keep your calcium at proper levels by tracking it through your smart pool monitor.
  • Maintain a healthy pH: With pool monitoring systems, you can ensure that your water remains at the proper pH level and never becomes corrosive.

Benefits of Smart Pool Monitoring Systems

Pool monitors are undoubtedly beneficial to pool owners, but not everyone realizes the advantages of owning a smart pool monitoring system. Smart monitors like our automated SENSE device go the extra mile in pool health control, making it simpler and more convenient than ever to monitor your water quality with advanced technology solutions.

When you invest in a smart pool water monitor, you’ll experience ultimate peace of mind thanks to the many benefits of smart automation:

  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Fast installation
  • Accurate chemical measurements
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Convenient in-app reporting 
  • Securely sends data to the cloud
  • On-demand measurements
  • Monitor water health anytime, anywhere

Enjoy the Advantages of a Clean Pool

Smart pool monitors like SENSE provide you with every resource necessary for maintaining healthy water quality. Having a clean pool comes with many cost, safety and visual benefits that help you get the most out of your investment:

  • Prolonged pool life
  • Visual appeal
  • Safer swimming
  • Long-lasting equipment
  • Sanitary water
  • Lower maintenance costs

Purchase a Smart Pool Monitor at WaterGuru Today

If you’re looking to monitor your pool with outstanding precision, accuracy and convenience, choose WaterGuru for smart pool monitoring systems. We set the standard for water detection with our SENSE technology, allowing users to track chemical levels right from their phone.

For more information on WaterGuru SENSE, reach out for additional support today!

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