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Water Care Advice

Pool Safety for Children

Since swimming is a popular summer activity, children and pools go hand in hand. While pools can provide endless hours of fun for kids, they can also cause injury, especially when your children and their friends are all swimming at once. Be sure to put a few ground rules in place to prioritize pool safety for children of all ages.

Pool Depth vs. Age Range of Children

If your pool has varying depths, kids may want to explore the different levels and swim in deeper areas. While this may not seem dangerous initially, children’s height can affect their ability to swim or keep themselves afloat in certain parts of your pool.

Ideally, kids should avoid swimming in areas deeper than 4 feet, allowing them to swim freely without becoming fully submerged. You can create designated swimming zones to make sure everyone stays at the appropriate depth.

Adult Supervision

Whether your kids and their friends are experienced swimmers or not, adult supervision will ensure that children of all ages are safe. From slipping and falling in the pool to having trouble keeping their heads above the water, kids could experience a number of pool-related incidents.

Having an adult presence when there are children around your pool will give you peace of mind and allow everyone to get the most out of their summer while avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

Common Pool Safety for Kids

You can implement a few common practices to prioritize pool safety for kids using your pool. Some of these tips include:

  • Keeping a life preserver near the pool in case of emergencies.
  • Ensuring that anyone supervising a pool party can perform CPR.
  • Encouraging children who can’t swim to wear an approved life vest.
  • Telling everyone to avoid pool drains to prevent their swimsuits or limbs from getting stuck.

When implementing these safety practices, it’s important to communicate them anytime there’s a group of children using your pool for the first time. By explaining the rules, you can help everyone have fun and make an extra effort to keep themselves safe.

Children and the Chemical Balance of Your Pool

Even if you checked the chemical balance of your pool right before anyone gets in, it could still fluctuate. Multiple factors can affect the pH level of your pool, such as perspiration, lotions, rain and sprinklers. Because of these factors, pool parties are especially prone to altering your pool’s chemical levels.

To ensure your pool stays safe while everyone is using it, you’ll need to check the chemical balance occasionally and adjust it as needed.

Use WaterGuru SENSE to Monitor Your Pool’s Chemicals

Because we want you to get the most out of your pool this summer, WaterGuru SENSE will detect the chemical balance of your pool in real time and send it to your smartphone or other device running Android or iOS software. It will also give you exact instructions for how to rebalance it, so you and your kids can spend all day in the pool. Order yours today and sign up for helpful email updates!

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