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The Top 10 Best Gifts for the Pool Owner in Your Life

No matter how much you enjoy someone, finding the perfect gift for them that communicates how much you appreciate them can be difficult. We all know that pool owners love spending time in or around their pool, which opens them up to receive the perfect pool gift. You can find the perfect gift for your pool lover, whether they are a family member or a new next-door neighbor.

Whether they have had their pool for years or weeks, you can make a splash at any birthday or holiday season with one of these perfect gifts. We've compiled ten great ideas for presents to give to your pool lover!

Gift Ideas for Pool Owners

There are some things every pool owner needs to feel like a great host. You can't go wrong with the basics, and a little goes a long way! You can even round up a few small gifts and make a swimming pool gift basket.

Pool Toys and Gear

Pool toys are perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Pool noodles have come a long way from the thin floats that sank when you put any weight on them. Whether you have kids who wield them in a splashing battle, an adult who wants to lounge in the pool or someone learning to swim, pool noodles are great for every kind of guest. 

Floating Lounge Options

Being able to lounge in the water is one of the best reasons to get a pool. Regardless of age and mobility, hopping on an inflatable float in the pool is the peak of relaxation. There are tons of options for floating lounge options, so your choice depends mostly on the price you want to pay and what features you are looking for.

Pool hammocks have become very popular because of their versatility. They function as exercise equipment, a chair or a hammock, and that is only the beginning. With two floats on either side connected by a mesh lining, the floating hammocks are a great option for adults who want to lounge in the water. These saddles are especially great for expectant mothers, as the hammock cradles the body and had no stiff points. On your back or stomach, you can float peacefully in the pool hammock.

Pool tubes similarly serve a wide range of audiences. Kids and adults alike can relax in a pool tube half-submerged in the water. Many tubes have a handle on them, which is great for parents moving young ones through the pool, helping them learn to swim or teaching kids the kicking motion.

Unlike hammocks and tubes, some pool floats allow you to lie on top and stay out of the water. A big benefit of these is the drink holders. For pool owners who just want to relax, have a drink and avoid any splashes of chlorine in their refreshments, a pool float with a drink holder could be game-changing.

Lounging in the pool is not just for adults. Kids can enjoy a hot summer day on their favorite unicorn or flamingo pool float. While their parents relax, they can join with a themed float. Baby pool floats offer opportunities for new parents to enjoy their pool with their little one. Many baby pool floats have canopies or small umbrellas to protect them from the sun.

Other pool gear, like kickboards, can help teach children how to swim and dual as a fun balancing game or active lounging option. For pool owners with kids, a set of floaties with their favorite TV show characters printed on them can be the best gift of the day.

The avid swimmer will love a new pair of swimming goggles. Chlorine can sting your eyes when you spend all day in the pool, and goggles can help you see underwater without worrying about rubbing your eyes every time you come back up for air.

Pools are not just for play, as they offer a great full-body workout spot for those trying to stay active in the summertime while still staying cool. Water exercises are also great for older people, as it offers more support to protect their bones and joints. Aquatic exercise equipment, like aquatic barbells and jogging belts, may change the game for your gift recipient. A pair of water shoes will help them stay steady during their workouts.

For someone who has all the swimming gear imaginable, a great option would be a towel bar. Trying to dry off with a wet towel can be frustrating, so keeping towels away from the pool is essential. A mobile towel bar is a simple yet useful option for pool owners. Towel bars and racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can take a peek at the pool set up and decide which option is the best for your pool lover.

Inflatable Tables

Inflatable tables are multi-purpose and very handy for a variety of situations. Inflatable serving trays provide a great place for refreshments while you lounge in the pool. With a place for drinks, snacks or sunscreen, you can keep all the necessities within reach without having to leave the comfort of your float or wet your towel. Inflatable coolers typically have drink holders for easy access as well as a waterproof storage place to keep all the refills you need.

Many inflatable drink holders keep your refreshment within reach, whether you're lounging on a float or staying active. For your fun-loving gift recipient, you can go with a summer-themed individual drink holder. For your practical friends, there are individual coasters with ropes to attach to the float or arm. Never lose track of your drink as you lounge in the pool!

Luxury Pool Gifts

If you want to spend a bit more on a great gift, you have some good options. The next three gift ideas are for those who want a luxury pool experience.

Latest Tech

You can help pool owners spice up their pool areas by equipping them with the latest, coolest technology. Solar-powered lights are unique and light up the pool in a non-traditional way. During the day, the inflatables are fun decor as they charge under the sun, but at night, they light up the dark. The pool lights can change color in their transition mode. Whether they are hung up or left to float in the pool, they allow you to keep the party going after dark!

For your environmentally conscious friends, solar-powered purchases are high-value. Lighting is essential for safe pool activity after the night. If the gift recipient prefers more subtle lighting, then the pool balls may not be the best option. Consider, instead, solar-powered LED wind chimes. Each hanging ball has its own LED bulb, and the color variation from each chime gives a soft but interesting light fixture.

Every notable pool party has music. You can give the gift of music with a floating, waterproof speaker. The floating speaker has LED lights in seven different colors to add a new element to the pool. With various volume levels and up to 50 feet of range, the multi-purpose speaker can be used indoors or outside. The speaker charges quickly and can last up to eight hours on a full charge. The built-in microphone allows you to take your calls hands-free. You can call mom from the pool!

For an adjustable ambiance in the pool, you can gift a set of waterproof LED lights. The waterproof tea lights have 13 color options and different settings for changing colors. Their flower shape makes the light more attractive underwater, creating an underwater garden. The remote control makes it easy to adjust the lights to meet your vision.

Movie Screen

For the pool party host, a projector and screen by the pool could change the game for movie nights, sports or even just music videos. There are a lot of options depending on how the owner intends to use it.

For a movie screen to be effective, the homeowner needs a projector. Connect a phone, tablet or laptop to the projector and stream your favorite TV shows and movies or lounge in the pool during a Sunday night football game. No matter the use, a projector entertains kids and adults alike!

The VIVOHOME inflatable projector screen is lifted off the ground to ensure that every viewer can see from anywhere. Because it is inflatable, it is easy for just one person to set up, which makes it a perfect gift for any host, whether they have a setup partner or not.

The Gemmy Airblown Inflatable movie screen has four different styles to choose from to get the best viewing experience. Although it is smaller than many other screens, it is easy to set up and deflates more quickly than a large screen when you are ready for tear down. The built-in fan keeps the projector stable.

Patio Furniture

Owning a pool is more than just spending time in the water. Not everyone likes to swim, and sometimes, poolside sunbathing hits the spot. With a zero gravity patio chair, you can sit or recline by the pool. The headrests flip over the chair for a flat surface to lie back on while you sunbathe. With no assembly required, set them up on the patio in minutes and enjoy.

For a frequent host, a patio bar set can be a functional piece of furniture. With two stools and a light bar setup, you can stir up cocktails or serve refreshments in a mini, portable outdoor kitchen. The shelves on one side create the perfect space for storing drinks, soda refills and extra snacks to avoid overfilling the top. The glass top provides a sturdy surface to avoid spills that clean easily. The wicker base of the stools and bar is sturdy and dry quickly, making them the perfect outdoor furniture pieces.

For the host who has it all, a pool organizer could save the day. The breathable mesh keeps toys and tools from collecting mold and mildew to keep all the materials safe and ready for use. With its wheels, the organizer is easy to move and incredibly accessible. For more space, you could opt for a wicker storage box to hold all the pool noodles, floats or furniture pillows that you want to keep dry.

Pool Housewarming Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts are those which welcome you to a community and situate you in your new environment. A pool-related housewarming gift is a great opportunity to help new pool owners make their new house feel like a home.

Personalized Gear

Personalized pool accessories make a new pool owner feel right at home. A customized sign for the poolside, personalized with the owner's name, is a great way to help them make their mark on their new home. These signs range in materials, from wood to metal and add a pop to the decor of the pool area. Everyone will know who the new folks at the end of the block are with a sign that has their name on it.

Every pool owner has beach towels. Some are fresh, and some are not. You can give your pool lover a gift with a touch of personality by gifting a customized beach towel with their name on it. Eliminate the question of "is this my towel?" at a packed pool party by having your towel branded specifically for you. If your gift recipient has a favorite TV show or movie, towels with characters or a tagline from it can be a fun touch of individuality.

Many pool owners also love sharing refreshments with their guests. For fresh fruits or charcuterie boards, a customized cutting board is a great housewarming gift for a pool owner. Snacks are a go-to during a day at the pool, and they are easy to grab and get back to swimming. The best part is that this gift does not have to be limited to the pool! A versatile choice, a cutting board may stay inside to cook up dinner or chop up some snacks.

If the pool owners are entertainers, then a personalized serving tray may be the perfect gift. You can create a completely custom and handmade serving tray with multiple stains, fonts and design options. The serving tray can also double as wall decor or rest on a coffee table to collect items for later. No matter how they use it, a custom gift always makes a home.

Cups for the Pool

Staying hydrated under the sun can feel like a tall task when you have to get out of the pool or swim to the side to grab your drink. Moreover, glass by the pool poses a huge risk, regardless of age. Floating cups offer the utmost relaxation. Whether they hold wine or water, the long stem makes them easy to grasp or even stake into the ground during a round of yard games. To make a splash, personalize them with initials!

If the new homeowner prefers to sit by the pool rather than in it, an insulated stainless steel cocktail cup could come in handy. Whether they sip on hot or cold drinks, alcoholic or not, the insulation maintains the temperature for hours, even under the hot sun. With a convenient lid and straw, there are no worries of spills on the patio. The stainless steel is shatterproof, so you eliminate the risk of slippery, dangerous glass.

Game Options

A great way to make a pool owner settle into a new home is by giving them games they like. A pool basketball set is a great option for a host that likes lots of activity in the pool. It entertains kids and adults alike, making it a great centerpiece for any pool party. The rim and hoop setup is rust-resistant, so it can withstand intense tournaments and rain.

For those who host adult parties, a floating beer pong table can be the highlight of a get-together. It has 10 cup holders on each side for a classic setup and eight satellite cup holders for observers. The float is also multi-purpose. In addition to a game setup, it can also be used as a single-person float or as a social congregation point. It inflates quickly, so it can be ready for use in a matter of time.

An inflatable golf green offers a great opportunity for a congregation in the pool. With a flag, tee, hitting mat, hole cup and five floating balls, the inflatable golf mat set comes with everything you need to start a game of golf in the pool! The best part about the golf mat is that you can use it in the pool or on the patio. Whether you want to a game of water golf or train for the driving range, the golf mat is a great option.

What Does Every Pool Owner Need?

Though all of these ideas are great for most pool owners, there is one ultimate gift that you can give your pool lover that will blow them away!


One of the worst parts about owning a pool is maintaining it. Constantly checking the temperature, guessing at the chlorine levels and hoping that the pH levels are in good balance can become an easy task. You can give the ultimate gift to your pool owner with SENSE from WaterGuru. SENSE helps pool owners monitor their pool health from a single smartphone app that alerts them when their pool conditions are less than optimal. SENSE tracks the chlorine, pH, temperature, water flow and more to make it easy to measure a pool's chemistry.

SENSE is very easy to install, taking only seconds to place into the pool sensor. The easy installation does not require professionals. When it detects that the pool requires maintenance, it sends a notification to your phone telling you not only what needs attention, but also how exactly to attend to it. It snugly replaces the skimmer cover and uses batteries that are easy to replace. WaterGuru removes the hassle of maintaining the favorite summer sunspot.

WaterGuru's SENSE works perfectly in chlorine and salt pools to ensure safe pool water. WaterGuru aims for safety and convenience with their SENSE. You can use the accompanying application on iOS or Android devices, smartphones or tablets. Rather than using test strips or avoiding a bulky piece of plastic in the water, you can rely on SENSE staying concealed and giving accurate reports every time.

With the SENSE kit, you receive not only the SENSE itself but also a tester for a free analysis of your pool water. Batteries, a mesh bag and instructions for setup are all included in your purchase.

Order The Ultimate Gift from SENSE

The list of great gift ideas for pool owners extends from patio furniture to pool toys, but you can make a real splash by making pool maintenance easy. Remove the stress of pool parties by gifting the SENSE!

If you want to make a splash in a pool owner's life, check out WaterGuru's website to order a SENSE today! Free shipping and a year-long warranty make the choice easy.

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