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Warranty Information

The WaterGuru System comes with a warranty which is designed to cover any defects in material, manufacturing quality or function.

WaterGuru Sense comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and one-year replacement that starts from the date of purchase.

WaterGuru Treat comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and a three-year replacement that starts from the date of purchase.

WaterGuru Replenishment Supplies come with a one-year warranty which covers any manufacturing defects in the material

If during the warranty period, a part is found to be defective on a WaterGuru System or a material is determined to be faulty in a Replenishment Supply, at the option of WaterGuru, it may (1) repair or replace the WaterGuru System or replace a faulty Replenishment Material free of charge provided that the original purchaser is living in the United States and the WaterGuru System or Replenishment Supplies are located there; or (2) WaterGuru may refund to the original purchaser the original purchase price of the purchased item. This warranty does not cover damage as a result of gross negligence alteration, misuse or abuse by the original purchaser or a third party; or improper installation,maintenance or storage by the original purchaser or a third-party. Normal wear and tear will not be serviced.

WaterGuru will not service a WaterGuru System if the serial number has been altered or removed.

WaterGuru bears no liability for damage due to external forces like the weather or power surges, which are not considered normal wear and tear. Moreover, if you decide to get have the WaterGuru System repaired by a service provider not authorized by WaterGuru, you assume all risks associated with that decision. To give an example, WaterGuru will not repair a WaterGuru System that has been repaired improperly or damaged by an independent service provider.

To take advantage of this Warranty, you must promptly notify us in writing at the address specified on the WaterGuru Website when you have a potential Warranty Claim.

Although WaterGuru will pay all transportation charges related to repairing or replacing a defective WaterGuru System, WaterGuru will not be responsible for costs of removal, loading, packing or other similar expenses.

WaterGuru also warrants that we will re-perform any deficient repair services performed by us within one year from their completion.

This document was last updated on December 8, 2021.